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The Benefits of a Backyard Pond in Scottsdale

The Benefits of a Backyard Pond

It’s fall here in Scottsdale, and backyard landscaping may be the last thing on homeowners’ minds. But the fall is a perfect time to start planning for spring and summer. To make that backyard an enjoyable place to spend time in the sweltering summer months here in Arizona, consider incorporating a pond into the backyard. Backyard ponds have numerous benefits as a water feature, both personally and environmentally.

Mental Health Benefits of a Backyard Pond

Backyard ponds look nice, but that’s not all they do for homeowners! It’s surely no surprise that being around water has a calming effect. Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist who studies the effects of water on humans, refers to the multiple calming effects of water on the brain as a “blue mind.” Everyone has an anecdote about a calming experience near a body of water, but Nichols combined those anecdotes with cutting-edge neuroscience research to articulate how and why water helps us feel better both physically and mentally.

Calming Sounds

A backyard pond creates an oasis at home. The calming water sounds, especially those coming from a waterfall, can help reduce anxiety. Some people even use water sounds to fall asleep easier at night. Adding a pond to the backyard creates white noise. This noise helps cancel out any sounds coming from noisy neighbors or nearby road traffic. Any additional water features added to the pond will increase this white noise. Be sure to consult with the landscaper and aim the water features toward areas of the home or yard that need sound blocking the most, such as a bedroom or an office. Also, consider placing plants around the pond and water features to help direct the noise where it’s needed most.

Blue-Mind Effect

As mentioned before, cognitive scientists such as Dr. Nichols have studied the calming effects of water on the mind. These effects, known as “blue mind,” include calmness, better focus, improved creativity, and better sleep quality. Not only that, but simply having an oasis in the backyard to escape to can have a profound effect on a person’s mental health and well-being, especially in times of emotional suffering or duress. Water can affect the mind in ways similar to mindful meditation.

Physical Health Benefits of a Backyard Pond

In addition to multiple mental health benefits, having a backyard pond may have significant physical health benefits as well. Due to the chemical makeup of water, it releases negatively charged ions into the air. These negative ions help combat free radicals. Free radicals are a type of molecule that steals electrons from human cells, ultimately damaging them. Water from a backyard pond helps purify the air and rid it of allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and germs. This purification helps keep the body healthy. Additionally, backyard ponds can boost serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical that increases energy and concentration.

Financial Benefits of a Backyard Pond

Yes, it will cost money to have a landscaper design and install a backyard pond. However, the financial benefits of a backyard pond may outweigh the upfront cost. Having a backyard pond in Scottsdale can help save homeowners money. The summers are almost cruel here in Arizona, but having a backyard pond is almost like having an outdoor air conditioner. Water evaporates off the surface of the pond, which reduces heat. Don’t stay locked up inside the house all summer, spend time outside! Homeowners will save money on utility bills by utilizing their backyard pond during those hot summer days instead of holing up with the HVAC running at full-blast.

Additionally, backyard ponds provide backyard water storage. In the event of a water shortage, Scottsdale homeowners will save money by having clean, accessible freshwater. Preparation is vital.

Not only can homeowners store water in their backyards with a backyard pond, but they can use that water for their indoor and outdoor plants. Dipping a watering can into the pond instead of turning on the hose will undoubtedly lower the water bill.

Environmental Benefits of a Backyard Pondbackyard landscaping scottsdale

The positive impact on the local environment is perhaps the most significant benefit of having a backyard pond here in Scottsdale. Conserving water definitely helps homeowners’ wallets, but it also helps our dear Mother Earth. Homeowners use gallons of water each month to keep up with their gardens, lawns, and houseplants. Once a backyard pond is filled, it refills itself with rainwater. Though we don’t get too much rain here in Scottsdale, it’s easier than it seems to maintain a backyard pond. While the pond might need topping off during the summer, homeowners will still see numerous benefits from it.

Backyard ponds provide a water source to local flora and fauna. The pond can provide a self-sustaining cycle that can keep nearby plants alive without having to water them. If homeowners in Scottsdale dream of a luscious backyard, a pond may be the way to achieve it. Additionally, ponds take up surface area in the backyard. The reduced surface area results in less yard maintenance, including mowing. This reduced maintenance results in a positive impact on the environment, along with fewer fertilizers and pesticides.

The most entertaining environmental benefit of a backyard pond is a positive effect on local wildlife. Many animals have dwindled in numbers in suburban areas like Scottsdale, but a backyard pond provides a sanctuary for all of the neighborhood critters. If homeowners want to see more birds, frogs, and dragonflies in their yard, a backyard pond is the way to go! Make sure to plant native plants around the pond, because these plants are the most suitable source for food and habitat for local wildlife.

How Can MasterAZScapes Help?

Here at MasterAZScapes, we have over fifteen years of experience building backyard ponds and water features for Scottsdale and Phoenix homeowners. We guarantee that our customers will be completely satisfied with our projects. From idea to implementation, we can help with every step of the process, including submitting and following through with approvals with homeowners’ HOAs. Call today for a free estimate and get started on that backyard oasis!

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The Benefits of a Backyard Pond in Scottsdale

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