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Why Are Sprinklers Beneficial During The Summer Months?

Once summertime hits, we all know what that means: scorching temperatures. It can be hard to keep your yard green and healthy when the temperature is over 100 degrees. However, one of the best ways to do this is by ensuring it gets enough water. Automatic sprinkler installation is a great way to keep your lawn green and healthy during hot weather because they provide moisture for plants and cool the environment with their misting action. So, do you need to increase your sprinklers during the summer?

How does the summer heat affect your lawn?

The summer heat causes your green lawn to dry and become brittle. The effect is exacerbated if the yard does not get enough water. A quick way to tell that your lawn needs more water is by checking for signs of dryness and lack of liveliness in the grass. Grass with good coverage should appear deep green, but only if it gets enough moisture during hot spells (or at least regularly). If your grass is thin and patchy, you need to start thinking about feeding it more moisture.

How do sprinkler systems help?

Using a sprinkler system to provide water for your lawn during long hot spells can maintain its health and keep it from dying due to drought stress. In addition, sprinklers help cool the environment around them by releasing a water mist into the air. This is also useful for people who work outside during the summer months and need relief from high temperatures.

Do I need more sprinklers because of the heat?

It helps to ensure your lawn gets enough moisture even when it’s hot to keep it healthy and green. Using sprinklers will lead to a greener lawn and cool you down when working outdoors during the summer months. However, by adding more sprinklers, you run the risk of overcompensating for the extreme heat. Note that grass cannot utilize too much water, so you’ll only be flooding the roots. This can be more damaging to the grass than leaving it dry and patchy. Too much watering causes the soil to become anaerobic, which reduces the level of oxygen. Furthermore, the water replaces much of the air, which discourages microbial activity underneath your lawn. The trick to maintaining your yard in the summer is in the quality of watering, not quantity.

When is the best time to water my lawn in the summer?

The best time to water your lawn during summer is either early morning or late evening. Watering during these times helps ensure the water gets absorbed and utilized by the grass rather than evaporating into thin air due to high temperatures and humidity levels. There will be a time early morning for enough water to infiltrate the soil and get to the grassroots, providing adequate time for absorption.

How do I water my lawn?

There are many ways to get your sprinkler system up and running again, but getting professional care is usually more efficient, and guarantees success. If you have an irrigation system in place already, all you need to do is turn on its head for one zone at a time. This way, you can target specific areas of your lawn that need more water instead of flooding it with too much at once (which wastes resources and is detrimental to the grassroots).

What is the best grass to plant in the summer?

The best grass to plant in the summer is a Bermuda or Zoysia type because they are more heat-tolerant and drought-resistant.

Bermuda grass

This grass grows in warm, temperate climates such as the southeastern U.S., Australia, and South Africa. It thrives in full sunlight and requires little water to grow well (making it ideal for summer months). This grass can survive through drought conditions by going dormant until rainfall resumes, making it an excellent choice if your area experiences periods of summer drought.

Zoysia grass

This type of grass does well in warmer and sunnier climates like the southern U.S., China, and Southeast Asia. It thrives during the summer months by going dormant until it begins to rain again, making it an excellent choice for desert areas that experience long periods without rainfall over summer.

What else can I do to ensure my lawn thrives in the summer?

Sprinkler System Installation Phoenix

Aside from watering your healthy lawn, there are other things you can do to make sure your grass thrives in the summer.

Mow at the right height

Maintain your grass blades’ height at between two and three inches tall. This will allow plenty of soil surface area for air circulation around each blade while also encouraging enough sunlight exposure to fuel its growth.

Reduce foot traffic

Another way to ensure your lawn remains healthy throughout the summer is to reduce foot traffic. This doesn’t mean you need to keep everyone off it, but rather minimize their time by giving them an alternative route for walking through the yard (such as a garden path).

Avoid using weed killers or pesticides

It’s best to avoid using weed killers or pesticides on your lawn if you want it to remain healthy. These chemicals are more harmful than helpful, especially during hot weather when plants require even moisture in the soil around their roots.

Let Us Care For Your Lawn!

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Why Are Sprinklers Beneficial During The Summer Months?

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